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Guests Wearing White

Expert Advice: Mother-In-Law Wears White To Her Son’s Wedding, Bride Pays Server After She Ruins Her Dress


The Uninvited Guest

Expert Advice: Parents Demand That The Bride Shares The Wedding With Her Sister And Her Toxic Fiancé – She Uninvites Them All


The "Bridezilla"

Expert Advice: Bridesmaid Is Furious That ‘Bridezilla’ Is Demanding She Drop From Size 12 To Size 8, Exposes Her Toxicity Online

Sara & Tim 2020_8_8-0865.jpg

The Absent Parent

Expert Advice: Dad Misses His Daughter’s Wedding Because He Wanted To Walk His Stepdaughter Down The Aisle, Now His Daughter Won’t Talk To Him


The No-Show

Expert Advice: Person Gets A $240 Invoice From A Couple For Doing A “No-Show” At Their Wedding, It Sparks A Debate Online


The Same-Sex Wedding

Expert Advice: Couple Exposes Wedding Venue That Rejected Them Because They Are Gay And It Backfires


Rules for the Wedding

Expert advice: "Bridezilla Has 37 Ridiculous Rules For Her Wedding And They Go Viral"

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