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Terms & Conditions*

Limitation of Liability: Life is not perfect and weddings always carry surprises and unexpected circumstances. We will provide information, time, and advice to you to the best of our ability. However, you agree to hold us harmless in the unlikely event that any aspect of your wedding/event fails to completely satisfy you. Lavender Crown will exercise best efforts to find top suppliers and/or service providers. However, Lavender Crown Events does not guarantee any suppliers’ and/or service providers/ performance and/or product. We are not responsible for the conduct and/or performance of any vendor or venue. The vendors and venues will prepare proposals and they will invoice you. It is agreed that we are not acting as your legal advisor in negotiation and/or executing vendor and/or vendor contracts. Instead, we recommend that you seek qualified legal advice.  

Client & vendor property: Lavender Crown assumes no responsibility for the conduct of guests, participants, vendor employees, and/or other third parties. All parties are responsible for their own acts, and the acts of their own agents to the extent permitted by law. No party shall indemnify nor defend another party. Clients understand that during the event and as a result of utilizing services provided by Lavender Crown accidents/breakage and/or damage may occur. Clients will not hold Lavender Crown responsible for the acts of or damage caused by third parties, including any damage or loss of any merchandise, food, alcohol, equipment, furniture, clothing or other valuables prior to, during or after the event.

No Friendors: “Friendors” are friends or family whose skills are employed by the Client in lieu of an accredited vendor. Friendors will not be accepted unless a reputable wedding vendor and will be judged by the discretion of Lavender Crown Events. For Day-Of Coordination, Lavender Crown Events is not responsible for the quality or consequences of Friendors and/or their services. 

Short Lead Times: Should the Client contract with Lavender Crown with the contract signing date within the designated package lead time, a fee of $350 per month less than necessary lead time will be added to the Lavender Crown Invoice.

Food & Beverage Handling: Lavender Crown does not transport, assemble, or serve any food or drinks. This includes decoration or movement of cakes, desserts, other foods, or beverages (with the exclusion of water). Please contact your bakery or caterer for proper delivery times and decoration needs.

Vendor Meals: To ensure we are fully present for your entire event, vendor meals must be provided for each coordinator at your event. Be sure to contact your caterer for vendor meal options.

Harassment: No discrimination and no hostility shall be tolerated under any circumstance. Client is responsible for ensuring the appropriate behavior of Event guests. Should the Company or any affiliated coordinator experience any inappropriate, threatening, offensive or hostile behavior from an Event guest (including unwelcome sexual advances or physical contact), Client agrees to take appropriate responsive action, up to and including the guest’s expulsion from the Event. If such conduct continues, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Services. In such case, the Agreement shall be immediately terminated without further obligation to perform further Services by the Company and the Company shall retain all payments and costs as outlined herein shall still be due.


Assigned Coordinator: The assigned coordinator(s) from company may not be present at the Event. In the unlikely event that the assigned coordination from the Company is unable to perform to guidelines of tis Agreement due to injury, illness, act of God, act of terrorism, schedule conflict or any other cause beyond the control of the Company, the Company will assign a replacement coordinator to attend the Event. If the situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the returns of all payments received for the Event from the Client. The Company is not obligated to send the coordinator that you spoke with over the phone to your wedding. The Company reserves the right to send any of the Company’s partners to coordinate the Event.


Additional hours/meetings: for additional meetings not included in your preferred package, the client will be liable to a charge of $80/hour charged by 10ths of an hour. For additional planning services not included in your package held asynchronously (i.e. additional contract review), the client will be liable to a charge of $100/hour charged by 10ths of an hour. 


Travel fees: for distances further than 40 miles for day-of coordination or 60 miles for planning packages from 1250 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131 one way, there will be an additional travel fee of $1.50/mile past the predetermined 40 miles (60 miles for planning packages). Distance will be estimated based on the shortest travel distance as determined by Google Maps and will be predetermined prior to the event once venue address is provided. Travels fees are applicable for site visits, meetings, day-of the wedding, etc. Travel fees will be applied for each coordinator present.


Payments & deposit: Payments are accepted in the form of Venmo, PayPal, check, ACH transfer, and major credit cards. Upon signing of contract, an invoice will be sent to the primary email provided by the Client. ACH transfers will incur a 2% service fee. Credit card charges will incur a 4% service fee for all major credit cards. 50% deposit of the package fee is due upon signing. Remainder due on the day of the wedding ceremony before the wedding commences. If you fail to pay per the terms of this Agreement, your past-due account will be charged at a rate of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month, compounded. All bounced checks will incur a $100 fee and will be liable for any past-due fees.


Charges and/or cancellation: You are responsible for paying any and all vendor charges and venue fees. In the event of your cancellation of this event/wedding, and/or your request and/or cancellation of our services, the “deposit” will be retained by Lavender Crown Events; any payments made over the deposit will be refunded to the client after reimbursed expenses. In the unlikely event of a dispute and/or legal action, our liability is strictly and completely limited to refund of moneys paid directly to Lavender Crown Events. Any legal action will be mediated by the American Arbitration Association. If a legal court is necessary, the legal court will be in any location within San Jose, California. If any lawsuit brought in under this Agreement, no one is entitled to attorney costs or fees.


Change of Date: In the event Client changes the date of the Wedding, Lavender Crown Events will make every effort to accommodate, but Lavender Crown Events’ availability is not guaranteed for any other date than the original date. If a change of date occurs, your deposit will be moved to the new date. In the event that Lavender Crown Events is unavailable on your new date, deposits will be refunded minus an hourly rate of services already provided at $100/hour (billed at every 30 minutes or one half of an hour).

Last updated 06/23. Note that this is not a binding agreement, but a replicated version of our contract terms. 
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